I need a new drug (manager), one that won't cost too much
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Do you see a great mental health professional in the Twin Cities for medication management and/or ADD treatment? Great, tell me about them!

I just realized that I've got about three weeks of Concerta left and need to find a new mental health professional to treat my depression and ADD before I run out of medication. For the past 10 years I've been taking the max of Concerta (72mg, time released) to treat ADD and a low dose of Lexapro to treat anxiety/depression but think it's time for a change now that I'm going to be working with a new provider. Do you have a great mental health provider that you've worked with here in the Twin Cities that you would recommend? If so, what has their approach been to medication management while you've been under their care? Bonus points if they take Cigna or don't charge $300 per session.

I've been pretty fortunate that over the last 10 years I've had three really solid psychiatrists (out of four) to do my medication management, so I'm a little nervous starting over with someone new. Just trying to avoid the "call someone in network and hope for the best" that I've done in the past with disastrous results.
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