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Anyone know of a Firefox or Chrome extension/utility/plugin/script etc that can monitor webpage changes every few seconds, and doesn't need to be reset every time the alert triggers?

I've found some that can do one or the other, but not both. Doesn't need to actually reload the page because the changes I want to monitor get pushed automatically.

Also has to be able to play a sound when the alarm trips.
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How will this hypothetical thingy know that the "alarm" has "tripped"?
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Response by poster: Well here's an example of an extension that comes close to what I want:


It can be set to check every few seconds, and can play a sound, but every time the alarm sounds it has to be manually reset. In this case, you have to click "mark as visited". Am looking for something similar that stays active without have to be reset.
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he changes I want to monitor get pushed automatically.

Congratulations, this means that the website already knows when it changes! Instead of a plugin, it should be pretty trivial to add some JS script with a bookmarklet to that page to trigger an alert. Is the page something public that you can share a link to?
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If you are on a Mac, check out webclips. http://support.apple.com/kb/PH14092
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Response by poster: Unfortunately it's a site I can't share publicly, and I'm on Windows.
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