Portland snacks! And stuff!
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I'm putting together some gift bags for a group trip to Portland, OR. I want to fill the bags with local goodies. Can you recommend some great Portland snacks (locally made chocolates, chips, candy, etc.), as well as any other appropriate Portland-themed items? Thanks!
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Voodoo Donuts
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Also, since it's such a bike-friendly town, maybe some magnets or keychains with bicycles on them?
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Make sure the actual bags are paper, since plastic is verboten.
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Pretty local, from Hood River anyhow, Juanita's Tortilla chips are the best. Though the bags are large.

Depending on when this will be consumed, the Bake Shop has incredible pastries and cookies.

Theo's Chocolates are from Seattle, for me that is local enough because they are the BEST chocolates on the planet, and they are sold everywhere in Portland.
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Put a bird on it!
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Maybe someone in Portland, creative center that it is, can copy BatchNashville's service here in the South, which does exactly that (for a fee): http://batchnashville.com/
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It's not good cold brew, but the bottles sure are gorgeous. If coffee is on the menu, there's about a bajillion coffee roasters in the area. This list was not complete in the first place, and is more out of date now, but it has a pretty expansive list*

In the land of candy, Quinn is pretty rad.

Portland also has an exceedingly large supply of chocolatiers.

*Full disclosure; I work as a coffee roaster in Portland, but the roaster I work for isn't on that list.
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Moonstruck Chocolates! Local and amazing and beautiful! Their Oregon Distilleries collection is pretty darn good and adds a little more Portland with the House Spirits Distillery Krogstad Aquavit Truffle and Aviation Gin truffles.

And Saturday Market has started up, hasn't it? I think to sell there you have to be from the PNW not specifically Portland if that matters.
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You might be best off visiting Made in Oregon.

In general:

Foodwise: hazelnuts, marionberries, cheese, salmon, pears.

Drinkwise: beer (we're not Beervana for nothing), wine (anything in the Willamette Valley), spirits (fruity and otherwise), sake, soda, coffee, tea (tea bags and loose).

Swagwise: If you're into sports, Portland Timbers (major league soccer) gear, Trailblazers swag, Univ. of Oregon duck gear (apologies to the OSU fans). Otherwise, roses (Portland Rose Festival, "Rose City", International Rose Test Gardens, etc.), Heart in Oregon stickers/magnets, and Keep Portland Weird stickers.

When making Portland gift bags, I've had good luck with a mixture of Stash tea bags (esp. the odder flavors like Meyer Lemon, Double Chai, Chocolate Hazelnut), Oregon Ducks swag (esp. if it has Donald Duck as the mascot), Oregon scenic calendars, Rogue beers, hazelnuts, and marionberry jam.
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re: Made in Oregon, just be aware that their stuff isn't necessarily made in Oregon or even the US. (Still not sure how they can use that as their name.)
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Not a Portland resident myself, but I visited for the first time last year. I'd vote for chocolates from Alma (or maybe Cacao—but seriously, Alma.)
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Hip Chicks Do Wine
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Fancy local salt? http://jacobsensalt.com/
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No to Voodoo. Delicious Donuts on Burnside FTW! Exquisite, get the apple fritter. Best in town.

Toffee from Alma's.

We have a zillion printers & zinesters in town. How about some local stationery, comics or zines? Go to Microcosm, Reading Frenzy, Floating World, Oblation Papers... list goes on and on.
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Poplandia! Yummm.
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Response by poster: Wow, great suggestions everyone! Thank you so much! These gift bags are going to be delicious.
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