Warm, modern, slightly epic classical music?
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So there's classical music and then there's film score music, right? What I'm looking for is something in the middle that sounds modern, epic, but not overly bombastic (as cool as it can be, I'm not looking for Two Steps from Hell). Also, major bonus points if it's not actually from an existing film and not too purposely calming (by which I mean no whale sounds etc. the music I'm looking for would be calming but that shouldn't be it's reason for existing). A good example of what I'm looking for is this track from the second Thor soundtrack after the 50 second mark.
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You might want to check out the music from the film, Doctor Zhivago... Much of it is going to fit that mood.
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Go for the slow movements from Bruckner symphonies.

From the 6th Symphony, or the 7th, say.
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Try some Glass. He has a rep for cool, even clinical repetition, but a lot of his work is more lush than you would expect.


The Truman Show (The comments include a track listing with links: for example, Truman Sleeps starts here)

The Hours

Not soundtracks (cheating a little, as several of these have been presented as operas)

Satyagraha, which is capable of moving me to tears.

Aquas da Amazonia

The Photographer


The Light

Sadly, the Glass Engine, an online library of a huge chunk of Glass' work, has been discontinued. It would let you input the kind of emotions you were looking for, then serve up full pieces of music that met your criteria.
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Best answer: Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider - Beloved, Do Not Let Me Be Discouraged

I'm a big fan of the whole album Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider did together, Silent City, but I think this is the song that best fits your criteria.

Also, maybe try Eluvium, particularly anything from the album Copia, like this.
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Does it have to be orchestral? You might like bands like Russian Circles.
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Oh, yeah, Vaughan Williams. But more than the Sea Symphony, I'd try the Pastoral Symphony.
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Vaughan Williams, rimsky-korsakov, delius' Florida suite, possibly hovhaness' magic mountain. Some of these may be a little bombastic for you.
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I'd nth "Romantic" composers from a couple of decades either side of 1900: Dvorak, Vaughan Williams, Holst's Planets, etc.
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Michael Nyman's score for 'Carrington', which incorporates some Schubert, is outstanding and quite possibly right up your alley. Here's a sample.
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The sample you linked to reminds me of Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings and Henryk Górecki's Symphony No. 3.
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Michael Nyman's score for The Piano is one of my favorite soundtracks ever and might be what you're looking for. It's heavy on piano, as you might expect.
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Best answer: I'm currently preparing two pieces by Ola Gjeilo for performance in a couple weeks, Dark Night of the Soul and Luminous Night of the Soul. Everybody in my ensemble immediately thought they sounded both epic and "like a movie" (and several of us have recorded a lot of actual music for movie soundtracks!) and they've been a lot of fun to perform. Check 'em out!
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I love this kind of music. I liked "Sentinel Prime" from the Transformers 3 soundtrack. (Do not take this as my endorsement for the Transformers movies.)
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Very big fan of Alberto Iglesias' soundtracks, mainly for Pedro Almodovar films. Sounds like they might fit the bill.
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You should look into the great Bernard Herrmann. Most people know him from middle-period Hitchcock (Vertigo, North By Northwest) but my favorites are his soundtracks to Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Day The Earth Stood Still and especially, Fahrenheit 451.
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Ooh--seconding Herrmann! His 1941 Symphony is also great.
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Maybe Gustav Holst, The Planets?
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