Need an awesome florist in New York city
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My girlfriend is at Sloan Kettering in New York for some surgery and i want to send her a shitload of flowers (and for those of you familiar with Sloan Kettering/cancer in general, she is on a ward where flowers are OK) I am willing to spend a little cash to make it special since I am not with her. She has a lot of other friends wanting to do stuff as well, so I will share your recommendations with them. As always, thanks in advance for your help.
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You may do better getting a delivery from a local bodega such as Sing&Sing Deli or Cozy Corner (google street view shows their selection)
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Do you just want A LOT of flowers, or do you want nice classy arrangements? If the former, then yeah, just clear out a bodega. If the latter, then Sara C.'s suggestion of Spruce is a good one.
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I have used Flowers by Richard, which does good work but is not cheap. Best wishes for your girlfriend.
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I haven't used it myself, but I've heard from friends that Ovando is supposed to do lovely arrangements. One of their several NYC shops is fairly close to the hospital.
Overall site:
Delivery site:
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I like ordering gift arrangements from Posies
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Most hospital rooms don't have many places to put flower vases, so sending lots may just end up with many of the arrangements at the nurses station or elsewhere. Get something that looks nice with her favorites, or send something every day.
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Great suggestions everyone! All the options were good but I ended up going with Flowers by Richard because they had the most helpful website for someone just wanting to send flowers. Very helpful on the phone as well. The flowers were a big hit and are now prominently displayed on Facebook!
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