App for adding highlights/notes to articles on my iPad/smartphone
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I am looking for an app that allows me to add highlights and notes to articles I have saved to 'read later' on my iPad and/or smartphone.

I use Pocket to save articles, and it works very well, but there is currently no way to add highlights and notes. I have tried using Evernote to highlight text, but it doesn't really suit this task. It ends up feeling like you are editing a document - a clunky solution to a simple problem. I read a lot of PDFs and there are a plethora of great apps for saving these in Dropbox and adding and saving notes on a tablet/smartphone. I ideally want some of the functionality of an app like PDF Expert, but for articles I have saved in Pocket.

I read a lot of stuff on my ipad and phone, having saved them in my browser previously. The addition of a highlighting feature that works across all three platforms (a single app) would be amazing.

(I use an ipad and also have an android phone, so both platforms need to be covered)

Any suggestions/solutions? Thanks
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I use Pocket's competitors—Readability and Instapaper—and tragically neither offer highlighting or notes anchored to text. Wish I had a better answer, but at least I can prevent you from investigated dead ends.
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Response by poster: For anyone interested, a pretty good answer to this question came up at Quora. Not perfect, but... anyone else have anything better?
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Just for anyone with the same question who's stumbled on this post -- Instapaper has added the ability to highlight articles if you're a subscriber ($3/month). And it is awesome.

(Meanwhile, Pocket has introduced a "Highlights" feature that means something completely different -- they "surface" the articles in your queue that they think are the "best" or most relevant to you.)
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