I Don't Understand The Point Of This Autism Video by Carly Fleischmann
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Let me make this very specific: I'm an autism specialist. I have blog about autism as part of my job. I post useful information to the Montana Autism Education Project blog. But I'm having trouble understanding the usefulness of this video as a teaching tool. The video begins by saying, "Autism has locked me in a body that I can't control." Great opening, but the video ends by saying, "Everyone has an inner voice. I found a way to let mine out." But the video does not show Carly letting her voice out. She gets frustrated and stands up in slow motion. It's a good perspective video, kind of, but it doesn't show how she changes her response to get coffee. There are better videos that I can use for trainings that show what interactions/coffee shopsa are like for someone with autism spectrum disorder. Am I missing something in this video that shows a person with autism using her voice/communication? Disclaimer stuff: I know who Carly is.
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It seems like that video is a trailer for a book. I'm assuming you get to hear her POV when you read the book? Also, in the trailer you do hear the voice of a narrator. Who I assume is verbalizing her thoughts?
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It's an ad for her book. An ad is supposed to be intriguing, not necessarily a full essay. (You know, you linked to the last few seconds of the video...)
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It's an ad, not a PSA.

I wouldn't use the video in any instructional way. But if you find the book helpful or even the opposite you could find use for the video in a review maybe.

I also don't like the video.
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I agree that this video doesn't show or explain how she made her voice heard. (That part confused me, too.) It works better as a perspective/POV piece to show viewers what an autistic person might experience in a coffee shop. It could do better in terms of being a lead-in for the book; it almost feels too short, or like it should be shown in tandem with other short videos to promote the book.

That said, as a person with Aspergers, I thought it did a pretty good job of depicting the sensory aspects of a coffee-shop experience. It can be really disorienting and confusing to manage so many informational inputs at one time. For me, I hear everything at once and it's hard to tune out, so if the grinder starts up AND the steam thingy is whistling AND the doorbell is clanging AND people are talking AND chairs are being scraped across the floor AND you are talking at me AND I have to try to gauge your expression and worry about what it means vs. interpreting your actual words, which will likely become meaningful words vs. just sounds after a few-second-delay, while I am being visually distracted by $ShinyThing that I can't take my eyes off of...yeah. It's overwhelming and can be really distressing.

So from that perspective, it'd still be educational. I could see it being used in a class or workshop to discuss how to manage sensory inputs at various points of the scenario, but that's about it.
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