Please help me identify these gross things on my garage walls.
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I need help identifying these gross things that have appeared on my garage walls in the last week or so. They are grayish-brown, each about the size of a piece of orzo, and are stuck to the walls in my garage. I can spot about a dozen of them around the garage, but I don't know how many more might be hidden behind boxes, etc. I suspect it is some sort of poop or some sort of egg sac, both things that completely gross me out. The shape is pretty unique to all of them. I live in Southern California, with temps over the last few months ranging between 55 and 85F. Anyone have an idea what these might be? Pic inside.
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Household Casebearer maybe?
Or a Plaster Bagworm.

Googling those two names seem to come up with a lot of the same images so maybe they are just regional names for the same thing.
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Angeleno here. Yeah, they're sorta cocoonish sacs where a particular type of small moth lives before it emerges. Gross but not dangerous, I think. An exterminator told me what they are once, but I forgot the name.
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This particular subreddit is very good at this game: What's This Bug?
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...In fact, I think they may have already done the job for someone in FL!
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Yeah, those are moth cocoons. We don't get them in those quantities though, so when I see them I just squish them with a tissue. With that volume, you could try vacuuming them up before you go the exterminator route. They aren't dangerous in any way, just sort of a nuisance.
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