Experiences with Kluft mattresses or other advice?
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We have been searching for a mattress for quite some time. The only mattress that we both unequivocally love is the St. Claire Kluft Latex mattress. It is rather firm, supportive, non-bouncy, doesn't transfer motion, and in general felt very 'solid' and comfortable. But Kluft is one of those luxury brands that doesn't seem to publish much on how the mattresses are constructed, and we can't find any reviews of this model or even any other reviews of high-end Kluft latex mattresses. After a few poor mattress choices, we're worried about divots in the bed in a short amount of time, or other general construction problems. Do you have experience with Kluft mattresses, particularly their latex models? Or have any advice on buying this brand in particular?

Assume price isn't the primary concern, and the in-store price of the mattress is much less than the online price claims. I've spent lots of time in the Mattress Underground and Sleep Like the Dead but there isn't much info on this brand or model, beyond the general worry that they're overpriced (which may simply be that they're expensive, or it might be that they're severely overpriced for quality) and the fact that they once offered an insane mattress at $33k. Beyond that it's been hard to find information about the longevity of their mattresses, or experiences with their guarantees.

This is the content, from the manufacturer's customer service email:
- Comfort level: medium firm
- 1" Celsion tri-zoned Talalay latex
- 6" Hybrid core (3" Engeria latex/3" reflex green)
- 8-way hand tied box spring
- Mattress height: 13.5" one sided no flip-mattress / 23" set

So there is 1" of latex at the top (not much) over 6" of "hybrid core" which is presumably some kind of latex and other foam called reflex green. It probably has some kind of HD polyfoam at the base to make up the remaining support, but that isn't specified.

Kluft apparently has a good guarantee, but in my experience these things always seem better than they are in reality, so we're not basing all that much on the guarantee.

We're not super keen to buy a mattress without having tried it, like the favorite Ultimate Dreams / Brooklyn Bedding latex mattress, but that's on the table too. It seems like those tend to be on the firmer side too.

Most mattresses are far too soft for us. We haven't been able to try a 100% latex mattress so perhaps that should be our next step.

Can you tell me anything about Kluft mattresses, or their latex mattresses in particular? Does it seem to be a bad idea to purchase a luxury bed like this, without knowing how it is constructed?
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We own a Kluft and I dislike it intensely, so does he. I found that after some time the bed became dented on each side (where we lay) with a rise in the middle. The probable explanation for not liking it might be due to both of us traveling out of the country where the beds were harder in places like Germany and Sweden. We loved those beds a lot and in the future will be getting an extremely hard frame with the one thinner mattress (I believe IKEA has them now). The IKEA bed is unremarkable in appearance, but so so very comfortable.

The Kluft bed consist of foam beneath the top layer of fabric and eventually the fabric wore down, revealing the foam. The foam contorted to the shape of our bodies. Neither one of us like the look or feel anymore - we wake with sore backs and some shoulder discomfort. Granted, he had the bed quite a few years, considering the length of time he has had it, I suppose it lasted a while. At one time it felt as if it may have been hard, but really the bed seems more sturdy in appearance than it actually feels.

The bed called MALM by IKEA is fantastic. It's a genuinely hard, non shifting bed - and a Swedish make. I realize it looks unremarkable, not extravagant, however once used to it, your back will thank you. I promise.

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Most mattresses are far too soft for us.

If you're open to other suggestions, we got an amazing firm mattress last fall. We've had it for six months and I fall asleep like a baby (one good at sleeping) every night.

It is called the Birchmere Ultra-Firm mattress. It is soooo firm and so awesome. We bought ours from Costco, which I'm sad to see no longer stocks it but you can see the reviews there. Some people describe it as sleeping on "concrete" or an "ironing board". We were prepared to need a topper but trust me, as someone that sleeps on the ground on a regular basis this is in no way like sleeping on the ground. It is like sleeping on the most firm (but simultaneously supportive) bed ever.

Here's a video ad about it. For purchase options you might check some local costco stores (some stock mattresses in the warehouses) but Birchmere is made by Sealy, so it may simply have been replaced by an analog like this. I love our Birchmere mattress - I went from having back pain several nights a week (sometimes bad enough that I walked hunched over for several minutes after getting up, and I'm in my early 30s) to no back pain and perfect sleeping.

Oh, and we have a platform bed with no box springs. Perfection. Good luck!
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I also loved the Kluft St Claire, but we ended up getting the IKEA Sultan Holmsta. The springs + latex top turned out to be much cheaper, and frankly, we found it to be actually better. Now, a few years later, we still love this mattress.

Don't go for a full latex bed. We tried that in our testing, and found it to get uncomfortable after a short time. The coils + latex was the magic combination.
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