Custom gardening calendar
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I would like to create custom gardening calendar - biodynamic calendar + edible wild plants for my region + crop rotation + phenology + some other things. And then I would like to receive email reminder for each day that would remind me what to sow when, with what and what to pick in the wild. What would be the best software to do so?
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Best answer: Have you seen Sprout Robot? It may fulfill some of your requirements.
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Best answer: Well, at a relatively simple level, you can make a spreadsheet of dates and import it into a google calendar after setting up notifications so that you get either emails or popups. If it were me, I might make separate calendars for planting, foraging, etc. Then, uh, I might publish it so that other MeFites could subscribe and geek out over plants. Just sayin'.
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Best answer: Check out Folia. You'd have to do a lot of setup with plantings and tasks (and you may need supporter membership for some features) but it will email you upcoming tasks weekly. Plus, they have a friendly community!
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Best answer: I do this with Google calendar. You can set yearly (or weekly) email reminders.
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