Simple simple tracking for a sickie
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I need a way to track food eaten/physical symptoms/weight/ in some sort of printable format that also works with android phones. Every app I find focuses on weight loss or precise measurements of food or doesn't include symptoms. The chart should be a simple graph. Does this exist?
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I do something like this sort of but in an online and offline combo with Google Forms.

Create what I want to measure, dump into a G spreadsheet.

Export to Excel and review results (there is some basic graphing with the Google Form).

Fill out form using link in browser on phone.
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I have no experience with excel. Is that easy to do or learn how to do?
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I've been tracking various things in order to identify migraine triggers, and have found Tap Log very easy to use. I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for in a tracking app, but searching the Play store wasn't a very efficient way of finding the features I wanted. I ended up looking through the Quantified Self forum, and found a reference to Tap Log there. So if Tap Log doesn't fit your needs, you might find something else suitable there.

I hadn't played with charting any of the data yet, and just now figured out how to do it (long press on a category and drag to the Chart button). It uses Google Charts to create the charts.

The data is saved in CSV format, so if the charts it creates aren't what you want, you could create your own in Google spreadsheets or Excel. I haven't played with either much, but I believe making basic charts is pretty simple.
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Possibly not quite what you're after, but have you seen this
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KeepTrack Pro is best suited to what I'm looking for on Android, for ease of use/clean interface/output and sync etc.
posted by lokta at 6:48 PM on March 14, 2014 [1 favorite] is like a MyFitness Pal type app/website. You can track food, calories, mood, "other goals" etc.
I think you could adapt one of the trackers quite easily for symptoms if you wanted.
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