Hamantaschen and pasties and... what?
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For Purim this year, we are sending out traditional hamantaschen (this year's fillings are blueberry, strawberry, poppyseed, and chocolate), as well as a triangular meat and potato -filed pasty. We would love to make it a trio of triangles (Hamantaschen Three Ways?), but are stumped what third thing we can make that would complement the first two.

We're open to anything that can be done within a 4-hour window (including shopping) - assume reasonable cooking skills.

We're also open to non-baked food ideas (one idea on the table right now is to make origami triangles and fill them with M+M's or pretzels).

So what's our third angle?
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Samosas? Unless that is your triangular meat-and-potato pastry.
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Well, you've got a main dish (the meat-and-potato) and a dessert (the other ones)... I'd get creative and try for "A Three-Course Hamentaschen Meal"! You could fill any kinda sturdy dough with the following...

- An appetizer (a slightly-denser spinach and artichoke dip, or maybe some shredded buffalo chicken), OR

- A "soup" (obviously not liquid, but a smooth filling based on a soup - caramelized onions and cheese for "French onion", or shredded chicken and sauteed mirepoix and star pasta for "chicken noodle"), OR

- A salad (roasted Brussels sprouts finely hashed and bound with a creamy cheese, or maybe a variation one one of the sturdy salads here?), OR

- "The cheese plate": a paste of a cheese, dried fruit and nuts (goat cheese, fig and walnut? Cheddar, cranberry and almond? Mmmmn...)
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Some sort of phyllo triangles? These honey goat-cheese ones seem sufficiently different from what you already have.
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Spanakopita triangles, for the vegetarians amongst you, or just as a veggie to go with the meat 'n potatoes.
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Chocolate folded into a wonton wrapper and deep fried? Basically anything folded into a wonton wrapper and deep fried, honestly, though I'm assuming crab rangoon is out for kosher reasons.
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How about onigiri? Not baked, but fun to make and triangular!
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Is there a need for actually making it yourself? If not, would tea be a good thing to accompany these?
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Here's a recipe for the Phyllo Triangles that are in the Silver Palate Cookbook. Oh my god they are so good. The recipe includes three different fillings: Spinach-Feta, Roquefort-Pistachio, and Rosemary/Prosciutto. The recipe reads like they would be labor intensive, but they go really quickly once you get moving. I like the spinach-feta best, but all three are excellent.
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The internet tells me celebratory drinking is encouraged at Purim, so what about a cocktail like a Bermuda triangle?
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Pierogi. Empanada. Jamaican patties - usually square, but easily made triangular and similar in spirit to a samosa.

Wikipedia has a good article on empanadas. It includes descriptions of the regional variations common in dozens of countries or other localities.

Towards the bottom, there's a list of similar dishes and there are several dozen. If you follow the link to pierogi, there's a list of similar dishes at the bottom of that article as well. There's a substantial amount of overlap, but I noticed at least one new addition: kreplach. It doesn't add any ethnic diversity to your mishloach, but I'm expecting a couple gift baskets this year and I'd certainly appreciate some kreplach.

And, while I was browsing wikipedia, I noticed a few very interesting things. First, kreplach are associated with Purim, not because of their shape (which as I'm sure you know is "lumpy") but "because the hidden nature of the kreplach interior mimics the 'hidden' nature of the Purim miracle." Second, I learned that sephardic Jews have their own Purim food: fazuelos. They appear to be fried dough, essentially.

Accepting kreplach as an appropriate Purim gift opens up a pretty wide territory. Wikipedia has a huge list of dumplings. And another list of rolled foods. Dim sum, spring rolls. And, to double up on the symbolism, these items could all be easy made into triangles.

Tugging the pasty thread brings you back a little closer to your original intention. Every article has a list of similar dishes. Most of them are duplicates, but every page has a few new dishes that pull you further into the wikipedia maze. A couple good matches: Fatayer, Öçpoçmaq,Corunda. All three are traditionally triangular. The corunda is basically a triangular tamale.

Also, pizza? doritos? Maybe you could do something funny with one of those.
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What about cheese, olive tapenade, or onions as the filling for a veg based third hamentaschen?
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Spinach and cheese?
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Cheese. Bridge the gap between sweet and meat with cheese. Use a cream cheese filling like you'd put in a danish, maybe not quite as sweet as that though. Or, feta. And if you really want to bridge the gap, make it salty-sweet, like add some dried cranberries or something to a salty cheese filling.
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