Where can I find the best price on Advair diskus without insurance?
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tl;dr: Advair is no longer covered by our insurance so we'll be paying out of pocket. If you're in the same boat, where have you found it for the best price in the US? Please don't recommend online pharmacies based simply on Google, I'm looking for personal experience. I read this question, but it is 5 years old and a lot has changed in the US medical landscape in that time.

Advair diskus 100/50 has been life-changing for Mr. Superna, but as of this year, it is no longer covered by our insurance. He has tried proposed alternatives (Symbicort and others) in the past, but they did not control his asthma. If his insurer denies his appeal, it is worth it to us to pay out of pocket.

Using Costco mail order as a baseline, an Advair 100/50 60 dose inhaler is $254.13. The $10 manufacturer's coupon brings it down to $244.13. Do you personally get a better price elsewhere?

I'd prefer a local retail pharmacy to online, but if you have personal experience with a reliable, US legal online source, I'd like to hear about that as well.
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Have you tried using GoodRx?
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Does the insurer have one of those "can't afford your prescriptions" programs? I have never done that but I have seen it recommended on the green before.
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If you bring in a new script, it looks like you can get the first fill free. The other coupon is for 10.00 off subsequent fills. Not much, but the 10.00 used in conjunction with another Rx discount card may help some.

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my insurance also cut advair. and flovent. and xopenex. WHY? do they want us to not breathe? the alternatives all SUCK BALLS.

sorry for the rant. i am so pissed about it.

anyway. 120 doses of your dose of adviar is 90$ on northwestpharmacy.com. i have personal experience with them. i have never had a problem with them. get over your fear of canadian pharmacies if that's what the issue is. they are truly fine.
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I get my otherwise $1,300/month Rx for $10/month because of the manufacturer's support program. Here is Advair's plan options.
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I will add that I had to share no financial information to enroll. Just basic name and contact information.
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Based on GoodRx, looks like Costco is about as good as it gets around here.

No fear of Canadian pharmacies themselves, just fear that the US will decide to enforce the laws that prohibit individuals importing Rx drugs from other countries. It'd be a bummer if customs started seizing mail order pharmacy shipments and left us out hundreds of dollars, not to mention Mr. Superna would then have to convince his clinic to write him a new Rx and get it filled somewhere else in a hurry (life gets pretty miserable if he runs out).

Since we do have insurance (it just won't pay for this particular drug) and we make a good living, I doubt that he'll qualify for the manufacturer's support program, just the first month free and the $10 off coupon. The webpage with the manufacturer's support program details is unavailable right now, but I'll double check once it is back up.

Thanks all.
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I have insurance and make a good living, but my drud manufacturer doesn't ask about my income. Good luck!
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