Voltron for Beginners
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I want to start reading/watching Voltron. Not sure where to dive in.

In prep for a creative project I'm working on, I'd like to immerse myself in the world of Voltron. I would, however, like to avoid consuming everything if it isn't worth my time. (That said, I'd like some familiarity with the series, so please don't recommend not watching or reading any.)

Should I skip the American Voltron series for the original Japanese? Are the other series (The Third Dimension and Force) worth watching? What about the comics--should I avoid them or are there particular volumes I should pick up?

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Just start with the first episode of the American series. They're, what, 22 minutes or so apiece and they'll function as a gateway to the rest of it. That'll get you started. Use Wikipedia as a companion to fill in whatever might be missing (for example: Sven goes to the hospital in the American one, but that's not what happens to him in the original).
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I enjoyed the Vehicle Voltron more as a kid, but I'm definitely in the minority on that. I'd say focus on the Lion Voltron.
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