Where to buy a stylish but affordable trenchcoat in Vancouver BC
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I'm going to be up in Vancouver this weekend and want to shop for a new spring coat. Something trenchcoat style but not in black or beige - cool colors or prints/patterns would be better. Size 12 or M/L, between $100 and $200. The style constraints are that it should not be teenagery but not dowdy either - I like classic cuts but trendy colors and patterns. I already plan to check out The Bay.
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Definitely walk down Robson Street. There are lots of retailers who might have something that works - Aritzia, French Connection, Guess, Benetton, Le Chateau, Mexx, Zara, Club Monaco, etc. Marimekko might have one too. The $100-200 budget might be a bit tight but there will surely be spring sales happening.
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There are some great clothing stores on Main Street too--try starting at Smoking Lily and also check out Twigg and Hottie. Eugene Choo might be a bit casual but worth a look.
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I was going to suggest Eugene Choo on Main Street and similar boutiques in that area, but it really is quite pricey and I wasn't sure it could be done under $200. Gastown might work for you as well, but also falls in the 'pricey boutiques' category, though I think The Block might fall within your range. If you do try The Block and they don't have a coat for you, I expect the staff would be able to recommend some good options for you. One further area with options would be West 4th in Kitsilano, Gravity Pope's clothing store is expensive but nice (expensive but nice is a theme here...), Moulé carries a lot of local designers and is very nice but likely not a ton of selection. Good luck!
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The Bay is a good idea, and if you're at the one downtown there is also a Top Shop there, might be too much on the youthful side but if you're already there it'd be worth a shot.
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Try 8th and Main, located, aptly enough, on 8th and Main. Their prices were so reasonable that when I was shopping for a winter coat I was able to buy two for less than the amount I had initially budgeted for one.
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Sorry for the excess posting and the advice retraction I'm here to deliver, but unfortunately coats at The Block are much more expensive than I expected, so you can cross that one off.
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alltomorrowsparties is right, 8th and Main is a very good place to look.
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