Help Me Identify This Cookie
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Many years ago, I had a coworker from Long Island who made these delicious cookies and brought them into the office. I've never been able to find them since, and cannot remember what she called them.

They were a 'bar' type of cookie - baked all in one pan and then cut into slices. They were rainbow striped - a layer of red, a layer of green and a layer of white. They were almond flavoured, and had a layer of chocolate on top.

I think she said that after they baked, she had to put something heavy on the bars to 'press' them, before she put the chocolate on.

I believe they were something that is common in the area she's from, but I've never been able to find them with a Google search - clearly I'm using the wrong terms.

Bonus points for a place I can order them online.
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Best answer: Rainbow cookies! They're common around NYC.
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Best answer: 28 oz. of Rainbow cookies, @$29.99.

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Best answer: Is this what you mean?
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Best answer: You can get them in Italian bakeries.

Or here's a recipe.

Om, nom, nom!
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Response by poster: Ok, why did "rainbow cookies" never work for me?! Curse you, Google.

Yes, you are all right and therefore you all get a star!
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Already been answered, but -- I grew up on Long Island (I live in the Baltimore area now). I'd forgotten about rainbow cookies until recently when I saw them in Wegman's, and this small piece of my childhood came back to me. Had to buy them. Apparently it's a NYC / Tri-State Area thing.
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Apparently they're not exclusive to Tri-State. I literally just stumbled across them on a website for a place in SF!
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Yeah there's places here and there around the country that have them. In Chicago, Delicious Pastries.
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They're also called tricolors—Piccione Pastry in St. Louis has 'em.
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