Sure, it's the apocalypse, but at least there's plenty of hairspray
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I need more cheesy, overblown, post-apocalyptic music videos from the '80s!

I am looking for a specific type of music video from the '80s: ridiculous, high concept, post-apocalyptic/sci-fi/fantasy craziness. You know, where the musician hardly features at all (e.g., Billy Ocean's "Loverboy"), or where they are intrepid explorers/adventurers (e.g., Duran Duran's "Wild Boys" or Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky"). I know there must be many more -- what are they?

Extra points if the videos *don't* borrow their SF-themes from an associated movie (like Tina Turner's video for "We Don't Need Another Hero").
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If the very early 90s will work for you, there's "Shock to the System" by Billy Idol.
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Jaunting further into the 90's, we have 2Pac's California Love.
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The Hype Williams video of Tupac's California Love was a riff on Beyond Thunderdome. I remember it being really dumb.
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More gothic horror than apocalyptical, but Total Eclipse of the Heart
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Of course, there's always Total Eclipse of the Heart, the video that inspired a question I asked here a while back that probably has several videos that you'd be interested in, but scattered between a lot of non post-apoc/sci-fi gems.
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[damn it; really should use the preview button]
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I can't think of a more preposterously over the top yet low budget sci fi hair metal video than Queensr├┐che's Queen of the Reich.
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Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself, although it's possibly a bit more of a straightforward performance video than you're looking for.
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Another cheesy post-apocalyptic one with lots of dirtbike action: Deep Purple's Knocking at your Backdoor.
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Alphaville, "Forever Young."
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Rick Springfield Human Touch
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No one's mentioned This Corrosion by Sisters of Mercy yet? Really?
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Think about destruction! World Destruction by Time Zone (Johnny Rotten & Afrika Bambaataa).
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The Jacksons' "Torture" is less post-apocalyptic wasteland and more nightmare hellscape, but it's pretty awesome.
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I'm on a mobile and linking is tough, but would Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky" qualify?
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I am delighted to introduce you to the joys of Ultravox.

Nuclear apocalypse! Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
The horrors of creeping fascism! The Voice, The Thin Wall
Swashbuckling adventures! Reap the Wild Wind, Love's Great Adventure
Foreboding central European mystery! Vienna, Passing Strangers, Visions in Blue (briefly NSFW)
All of the above, plus guest appearance by Satan! Hymm
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Oh, and filmmaker Russell Mulcahy directed several of those Ultravox videos, as well as a number of other videos mentioned upthread (including Duran Duran and Bonnie Tyler), so this list might be useful for you, too.
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Rick Springfield Bop Til You Drop.
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The Art of Noise: "Close (to the edit)"
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The Fixx - Stand or Fall
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Sad that there appear only to be crap 240p resolution versions of this, but I must add Planet P Project's epic What I See / Behind the Barrier. Gave me nightmares forever.
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And for an anime example from 1994, the PV for X Japan's "Rusty Nail" is something like Fist of the North Star with an alien invasion. The main characters are animated versions of the group members.
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Loverboy - Queen of the Broken Hearts

(wow, I didn't realize how many apocalyptic videos there were back then!)
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Sorry, one more Ultravox video, in which a sorrowful breakup song is inexplicably dramatized by the romantic life of a Scottish fisherman.
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KLF ft. Tammy Wynette - Justified and Ancient It's got a good beat; you can dance to it. Masonic imagery. Queen of Country Music, Tammy Wynette.
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Seriously. I feel like I write this in every 80s music post, but Nemesis by Shriekback.
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Although there was no accompanying music video, I feel like I should give an 'honorable mention' nod to Frank Zappa's Be in my Video, which provides some apt commentary.
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What about Synchronicity II by The Police?
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