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So many tributes to Tony Benn have focused on his written output, many suggesting these will be his significant legacy. What are the essential books by and/or about him?
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Best answer: Arguments for Socialism
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Best answer: Billy Bragg: "Tony was responsible for educating me about the English radical tradition. During the miner's strike, he gave me a copy of his 1984 book Writings on the Wall: a Radical and Socialist Anthology 1215-1984. Having got most of my politics from pop music, it was a real eye opener, not only introducing me to the Levellers and the Diggers, but the Luddites and the Chartists too."
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Best answer: His diaries: kept for sixty years, there's nothing like them in British political life. The last volume, reflecting on old age, the loss of his wife, and having become a kind of travelling political heritage site after decades of direct engagement, is remarkable in its own way.
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