Two Trains Running...well two media devices...on the same Remote
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I've got two media devices that both respond to the commands from either's remote; fatal (meaning return one of them for a different brand) or fixable in some other way?

Specifically, one's a Vizio Soundbar, the other's an Icom multi-region Blu-Ray player. I've also got a Harmony 650 Remote, but there's no way with any remote I've found to control the bar's volume or on-off without triggering the on-off and/or eject from the player, plus some other weirdnesses...GAH!

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It seems the Vizio remote control is programmed to operate on a fixed (non-reprogrammable) wireless channel so that you can program a universal remote control to work with the TV.

"If you own a VIZIO TV with a Universal Remote that uses a 5-digit programming code, you may program a device button (such as AUX or AUDIO) with code 31517. If your remote uses a 4-digit code, use 1517. "

Not sure if the Blu-ray player is the same deal - you might check in the manual to see if it gives a code for using a universal remote control (if it does, then I presume you can't reset the channel) or if it says anything about resetting the channel.

I was thinking maybe you could operate them both on a universal remote control, but if they are on the same wireless channel, I guess that wouldn't solve anything.
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replacing one or the other is going to be the easier solution.

a technological fix is probably going to involve covering the IR sensor with a local emitter, and either having a remote target, rf bridge, or custom electronics to do some conversion, but none of those ideas are great.
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Sigh; thanks!
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Off goes the Icom; awkward device anyway.
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