Plex + VPN = fffffffuuuuuuuu
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How can I get my VPN (privateinternetaccess) to play nice with Plex?

I am running the latest version of plex media server on my mac mini under Mavericks. I have the latest version of the PIA client software (though I've tried it with viscosity too). I want to access my media server through my apple tv (I've been doing this without issue for the last couple of years; it's the jailbroken 2nd gen one), which is on the same network in my home as my mac mini (airport extreme, but atv is connected to airport directly by ethernet).

I don't care about publishing my server so it's accessible outside of my network or when I travel. I just want to continue to be able to access my media locally, but ever since running the VPN, my appleTV no longer can see my server.
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Does your VPN connection allow for Split Tunneling? Otherwise, when you connect to VPN you'll lose local network connectivity.
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Get a router that supports handling the VPN on the router and then you'll have local connectivity and all devices on the network will appear on the same VPN endpoint externally.

Alternately figure out how to manually update your routing table to put in a local route for your local network addresses in addition to th default route over the VPN. Sorry I can't be more specific, I'm only vaguely aware of how it works.
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To augment the previous answers, the problem is when your Mac Mini is on the VPN it is no longer on the home network. Ie: all packets are going through the VPN server.

The proper way to fix this is to to convince your AppleTV to continue sending packets destined for your local network via the ethernet interface, not the VPN. This is probably as easy as adding a route for 192.168.*.* that has priority over the VPN route, but the details on how to do that depend on your VPN software. I'd go to the jailbreak community and ask this question there; you won't be the only one who wants to do this.

A quick hack workaround would be to disable the VPN when you want to watch stuff from Plex. But that'd be annoying to do constantly.
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I know this is late to the game, but publish on myplex and don't give anyone access but you. That will make it work for you any place you are that has internet, VPN or no VPN. Also, Plex does not look at your content, so no worries there, if that is why you hesitated before.
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