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Military member; base dentist told me to come back to pick up a fluoride rinse because they were out. So I went back, and of course they were out then too. And out the next time on top of that! And so rather than waiting around, I need to find some fluoride rinse ASAP.

I bought this at my local store because of the higher percentage (and bubblegum!) but I'm betting that's not as strong as what I need.

I find the whole fluoride thing confusing, though I've read about it and read some older MeFi questions about it. I'm going to stick with what my dentist told me, which is to acquire some near prescription-type fluoride rinse. I have a cavity, several near-cavities, and I need some drastic mouth wash action!

Does anyone have a good brand of this they've used that I can buy online? It would be great also if it was for sensitive teeth and gums (please, please no alcohol). Thanks!
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ACT is what my doctor always recommends to me! You might find Dr. Ellie interesting - she has written a lot about fluoride rinses and prefers the level in ACT.
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You should google minerals to take. It's been a while, but my understanding is there are supplements that help your teeth rebuild.

Prolly good to do along with fluoride.

The latest studies show that rinsing may help, but ingesting fluoride does not help cavities. FYI.
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My dentist also recommended ACT. The red one makes my tongue super unhappy, but the blue one doesn't. So if you've had bad experiences with this kind of mouthwash and haven't tried the blue one, give it a shot...
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If you are having enamel problems, you might try Sensodyne Pronamel. It is a "daily anti-Cavity fluoride toothpaste for sensitive teeth". You might also try a soft toothbrush avoid damaging your teeth with a hard brush. Of course, you floss...
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My dentist has me use this toothpaste with high flouride. It's not mouthwash, but it has fixed several near-cavities for me. They have a sensitive formulation that has prescription level flouride.
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Another vote that sticking with ACT is fine. You might compare how much fluoride is in the kids vs adult versions. My dentist recommended it, and I have reversed almost cavities with it. I like the Cinnamon flavor. ACT doesn't have alcohol in it, so it doesn't sting like the world of pain that is Listerine!

Sensitive toothpaste made a HUGE difference for me almost immediately.

Tom's of Maine has some great non mint toothpaste flavours, just double check for fluoride (some do, some don't). Again, cinnamon is good, and the kids Mango too.

It's hard to find where I am, and am also having luck with Listerine Total Care Enamel Defence. (ow)
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If he wants you to get a prescription mouthwash, have him write you a scrip and get it on the Economy. You can go to a regular dentist and get it there.
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I use Phos-Flur, which is over-the-counter. Also, Colgate Prevident prescription toothpaste. No idea of those are available in your location, though.
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As a military member, just keep going back to the base dentist. You don't want to get flagged for dental because even though you did a flouride rinse, Dental doesn't have it on record that you did.
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yeah, flouridex is awesome. it's technically prescription only, but you can find it on ebay. it helped me a lot with tooth pain and has good amounts of flouride in it. previous dentists have also rec'd ACT to me. i like the green.
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I have been using PhosFlur per the suggestion of my dentist for almost 20 years. First, it was just me, and now it's my kids.

I have the pharmacy desk at Target order it for me (no Rx needed), and they have it the next day. I've also ordered it through Amazon.

Even better, bubblegum is a flavor option.
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