Headset Storage/Display?
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Does anyone have any recommendation for good looking headset storage options?

I have four PCs with headphone/mic headsets. I've been hanging the headsets over an opened case door but I need to make them look nicer than that now. I was wondering if anyone sold abstract head-shaped objects suitable for displaying/storing headphones. Bonus round: two of the headphones are behind-the-head types, meaning that they only stay up because of your ears. (The PCs are in three different locations, so a single stand won't work.)
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Best answer: Get one of those banana holders. Here's a bunch (hand full?) of them.
posted by furtive at 7:27 PM on October 20, 2005

How about on a mannequin head on your desk?
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I have NEVER seen a banana holder before, and now I reeeeally want one!

For storage, I have a hook on the side of my monitor, which works nicely. It's a bit plain looking though. If you look around you can get glass mannequin heads, which look very cool, particularly if you fill them with something attractive.
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You might Google wig stands. There should be styrofoam heads without faces that would also give you the fun of sticking on artificial eyelashes (made from black electrical tape), big "jewels" from a craft store for eyes.
If this is not your idea of fun, you might find the rack type of wig holder - no face involved.
Either type should be available at retail somewhere near you.
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Like tomble I have mine hanging from a hook on the side of my monitor. It's neat, tidy, out of the way and best of all - cheap!
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