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Help me decipher a line from this song.

Okay, Spanish speakers, this one is for you. Puerto Rican Spanish, even better!
I am obsessing over the new Calle 13 album, and I love the video for Adentro. But there is a line in that song that has left me scratching my head - enough that I turn to the colmena for assistance.

So here is the lyric I am having trouble with, and I bet you will already know what my question is:

Unos me llaman comunista
de magogo cien por cien
la ultra derecha me odia
la ultra izquierda tambien,

Alright. What the hell is a "magogo"? The only magogo I know is the African princess, but he raps about it as if it were a slur against, who, exactly? Communists? He talks about African nations in other parts do the song, so am I on to something with the princess reference? Is this a thing in Puerto Rico? Who or what is a "magogo"?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can clear this up for me.
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Best answer: I think the word is "demagogo", demagogue, rather than "de magogo".
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Response by poster: Holy shit katemonster, you rock! Thank you!
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