Trustworthy sources to buy Frontline for dogs on the Internet?
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This question is for all the great dog owners out there on metafilter. I need to buy Frontline for my dog, but I've read lots of scary stuff about people buying fake and counterfeit frontline when they try to get it through Amazon or other online sources. I know I can just get it thru my vet, but first I thought I would check and see if there -is- a trustworthy source to get it (relatively) cheap online. So, who if anyone sells the real stuff cheap on the internet? (Shipped to the US) Thanks!
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I haven't found any way to buy it from a trustworthy + cheap source. The only thing that makes it a little cheaper is buying a larger quantity. Pisses me off every time, but I do it.
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Try buying the Kirkland brand from Costco - since it is their own private label brand, I would trust it to be as advertised.
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Best answer: You can buy Frontline or the Kirkland brand straight from We've used the Costco brand with no complaints.
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Kirkland brand flea & tick does not have the same active ingredients as Frontline. The last time I researched it, it's active ingredients seem to make it equivalent to Bio Spot Spot On. I did some research into Spot On and what I read made me feel uncomfortable (though it's _really_ hard to evaluate the quality of the sources who write about this kind of stuff... scare tactics all over, and don't you love your dog enough to spend the extra $$?!). I mean, on the one hand, Kirkland Brand stuff is generally pretty good, and I trust it to be what it says it is, but if what it says it is is bad for my dog, Costco can't protect me from that.

That being said, Actual Frontline is relatively inexpensive from Costco, but I actually order it from Amazon. The trick is to search for "prime eligible", and then only buy from the sources that say "Ships from and sold by". Prime eligible vendors that are "fulfilled by amazon" are just 3rd party vendors who store their (possibly dodgy) goods in Amazon's warehouses for picking. I trust Amazon themselves to have reliable merchandise.
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My vet price matches all meds you can find on the internet specifically so that people will buy through them rather than unverified web sources. You might want to ask your vet if they'll do the same, otherwise I don't think you can guarantee you're getting a quality product.
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I've brought from a half dozen times over the past 3 years and haven't noticed any issues with the product I've received. My pets haven't been negatively affected and we haven't had fleas, so I plan to continue to purchase from them.
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Best answer: I buy it from Dr. Fosters and Smith. They are a legitimate veterinary pharmacy (they have a retail store in Wisconsin) and the prices are a bit cheaper vs getting them from our vet, plus the convenience of delivering to my door.
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I also have bought from Fosters and Smith.
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Best answer: I bought Frontline for my kitty from 1800petmeds. Legit medicine and cheaper than I could find elsewhere.
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FWIW, we used the Kirkland brand flea and tick stuff on my cat, who is 17 years old and pretty frail, and he was fine. Still crawling with fleas -- the product seemed to be totally ineffective -- but it didn't hurt him.
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I can't vouch for "cheap" but this is the list of online pet pharmacies approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies so they hit "trustworthy"
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Just adding that the Kirkland brand did not work for our dog either. We tried to like it because it was cheaper, but we went back to Frontline, purchased at Costco.
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Take a look at the kirkland reviews on amazon (1 star overall). I actually just took the kirkland brand stuff I bought back and changed it out for frontline plus. But costco sells that too. I bought the extra large dog size, transferred it into a bottle, and use a syringe to measure it out.
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