Yahoo calendar on Android, for the love of all that is holy
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If, when, how, and if not, why not, is there not a simple way of accessing and writing to a Yahoo calendar in Android?

Unbelievably it's been over five years since I last had a whinge about Yahoo calendar. I continue to use it because it works well with my email. Yahoo has managed a (pretty good) email app for Android and I'm at a loss to understand why they don't also want to support Yahoo Calendar on one of the largest mobile platforms in the world.

Currently I'm using a kludge-y workaround with an Android app called CalDAV-Sync. A year or so ago the developer stopped Yahoo support as their servers were so unreliable, but it's sort of worked. Except it doesn't work especially well. Events entered on my phone sometimes turn up in my browser. Sometimes they don't.

Why oh why isn't there a dedicated yahoo calendar app? I would even be happy with a straight up simple way of synchronising the yahoo calendar with Google calendar, but even that doesn't seem to be straightforward (or even possible). If anyone versed in the dark arts of caldav, ical, sync and server mysticism could explain how to do this I would be hugely grateful.
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I'm hoping somebody has an answer because I have the same issue. FWIW, CALDAV-Sync and are still working ok for me. I have to re-enter my password every couple of weeks, but other than that the calendars seem to be in sync.
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Best answer: I hate Android's built-in calendar app, so I use SolCalendar, which is way better, in my opinion (and I use Google Calendar + Outlook). According to their documentation, they support Yahoo Calendar. Maybe that's a way to go?
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Response by poster: Thanks both. I tried SolCalendar and amazingly it simply prompts for a yahoo id and no other complicated workarounds and server confusions. I've had to run the sync a few times for every item to show up (I run multiple calendars) but so far it seems pretty good.
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My preferred calendar (varied customizable widgets with text instead of dots) Jorte also plays nice with Yahoo, Facebook, foursquare, instagram, etc.
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