Who is this hillbilly doll character?
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I would like to know who this character is and if possible what company made it and when.

Someone else posed the question to Cartoon Brew but all the answers seem incorrect to me. You might check that out first before replying.
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Dang! I've seen these guys...the dark rings around the eyes are the big clue.

Thought it might be a Clampett creation (see "Injun Trouble" with Porky Pig) or the Musical Mountaineers from Betty Boop but neither of those is quite right. Still searching...
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It looks like something Robert Crumb would draw.
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I think they're from old Hanna Barbera cartoons, probably Bugs Bunny. They have a variation on that character in a lot of their shows.
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Argh. Looney Tunes, not Hanna Barbera. You'd think I didn't spend 10000 hours watching these as a kid or something.

He's definitely from an older cartoon, I remember the character. It wasn't a brightly colored show like modern animation, more of a dull palate but the chacters talked I think so probably 60s or earlier?
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And I think he was a miner if that helps searching for it.
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I thought of Alice the Goon, which I see a number of folks on Cartoon Brew thought of as well, but also Pass the Biscuits Mirandy! I don't think either of those are right, but they're as close as anything I see in the Cartoon Brew thread and may help others here with eliminating vague memories.
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Almost but not quite: Snuffy Smith.
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Searching and searching, but I keep coming back to Paul Webb's Mountain Boys.
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They look an awful lot like Eugene the Jeep from Popeye, although they obviously aren't.
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And I was thinking Willy from Mt. Dew. But it's not exactly right.
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This looks so familiar... If you draw them you get something very much like a Merrie Melodies hillbilly character. This was from "A Feud There Was" (1938). The eyes are a very similar style, as are the eyebrows and mouth.
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