In Need an Nerdy T-Shirt for Tomorrow (3.141592654...)
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Okay, I'm in NYC and I need a PI related T-Shirt for Pi-Daytomorrow... Anyone know of any stores where I can get one? (It's too late for an online order)
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Your best bet might be going to Michael's crafts and buying a blank shirt and some puffy paint.
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You could purchase some iron-on printable paper, print on it whatever you like and iron the motive onto a T-shirt of your choice.
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Give these guys a call and find out if they can make something for you today.
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Couldn't you get a pie tshirt from a pie shop? You could grab a slice of pie while you are there. Yum. Pie.
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I would start calling comic book/board game/hobby shops. If they don't stock t-shirts that appeal to nerds they may have suggestions on where to find one.
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My son mentioned last night that next year we can set an alarm for 3.14 15 9:26:53.59 am
posted by maggieb at 9:33 AM on March 13, 2014 [7 favorites] has a list of nerdy shops you could call around and see if they have something on the shelf.
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Sharpie marker?

Slightly more sophisticated: black craft paint and these stencils have worked for me several times.
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Of course! Check out the belt after scrolling down past all the other pi stuff!
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(a) Go to a Office Max and get the paper that you can print iron-on designs on (warning: is very expensive for like 5 sheets of paper, which you will fuck up at least 4 of. Practice your printing first on regular paper first)
(b) Buy a plain shirt.
(c) Come up with some logo yourself or ah, find something online.
(d) Use Photoshop or GIMP to reverse the photo (VERY IMPORTANT OR ELSE WORDING WILL COME OUT BAD).
(e) Practice printing your logo on a regular sheet of paper. When you're sure it's coming out okay, i.e. reversed from normal, print on the iron-on paper. Make very sure you've got the right side of the paper oriented when you print (read the instructions).
(f) Get your iron VERY HOT and iron the logo on with the right side of the paper sticking to the shirt. Take a long time, hold the iron for at least 30 seconds in each position before moving over. Get very even coverage of the entire logo.

Good luck! (I need to retry this method myself, in case you couldn't tell....)
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Best answer: I'm not familiar with the geography of NYC, but Mental Floss has a bunch of Pi T-shirts and other stuff for sale and their main office address is on W. 39th Street. Might give them a call and see if they sell their shirts and such from that location.
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