Picasa is dead! Help me move the bodies!
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Is there a set-and-forget G+ / Picasa image collection scrape-and-republish tool? Thanks!

At the beginning of March, Google did away with the G+ resisters' option to provide access to migrated Picasa image collections via Picasa. I would like to find a simple, no fuss way to grab my image collection and republish it more or less as it exists now, preferably on my own hosted internet presence.

I am hoping someone somewhere has built a G+ / ex-Picasa migration tool. If need be, I could grab the images via a scraper tool such as webwhacker or some curl-style spider deal but I am hoping the lazyweb will show me the way.

Having just had to whap my hosting provider with a thinking stick due to their silent disabling of their own cPanel managed implementation of Gallery, I am not super enthusiastic about relying on their provisioning of Gallery or Coppermine or whatnot. I'm leaning toward a localhost-only dynamic system (such as Gallery) that I push up as cold HTML via sftp or whatever.

One possible approach that I haven't screwed with is Dropbox, but I'm mildly unenthused about continuing to rely on the motherfucking cloud.
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FWIW, if you have a way to grab it via Picasa Web Albums, I can still access it via:
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I don't know what change Google made in early March as I don't use G+ (only GMail, GV, etc) but I do know that I also still use the link inigo2 posted.
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I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I was able to use Picasa installed on my windows PC to download everything stored in my albums in G+. I think it downloads them to local folders that you can then use however you want. I guess you might have to briefly sign up for G+ for this to work.
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