Good forums for civil political discussion
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Are there any good forums for civil political discussion? Obviously flamewars and shouting matches are bad and can ruin a forum. If half the comments are jokes (like in /r/politics) that isn't good either. Then there is the issue with posters who are strongly ideological and talk past everyone else, instead of engaging their arguments. So maintaining a forum free from all of these scourges is no easy task, but do there exist any forums that have solved this problem? Basically the only one I know of is, /r/changemyview and that's because the top-level comments are only allowed to argue against the OPs post
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I post at, a small site where regular participants rotate as moderators, insulting other posters is against the rules, and the user base is smart and willing to dialogue about politics and history. It's the only discussion site I know of that even remotely fits what youre describing.
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American Conservative is pretty awesome. Despite its name the site is more centrist/progressive than "conservative".
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Since you're familiar with Reddit, try /r/neutralpolitics
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Obsidian Wings leans liberal, but has a contingent of thoughtful conservatives. Discussion is typically calm and intelligent.
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Yeah, I came to mention I haven't posted there in a while, however, and it looks like that's true for several other regulars.
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If you're looking for more on Reddit, /r/neutralpolitics is sometimes fairly insightful, though you should still plan on skipping the threads likely to cause drama.
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This is one of the great things about Twitter. You have to put in the work to collect your civil opposition, but they are there.
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The Debate & Discussion forum of the Something Awful forums might fit the bill. It costs money to register and they ban people for being jackasses, so that keeps things in line.
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