Minecraft PE noob question
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Hi, noob here. How do you pillar jump in minecraft pocket edition for iOS? I've seen lots of videos of people zipping up and zipping down, but I can't figure out yo to do it myself.
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My son the minecraft maniac says, "Look at your feet, hit the jump button (center button in the d-pad), then place a block right under your feet. You repeat this process as many times as you want. It takes good timing though."
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very good timing. It's very awkward on the touchpad I think.
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My son adds, "One hand to tap jump, the other hand to place the block. Rest the iWhatever on a table or your lap." I should mention that he has the femtosecond reflexes of the 15 year old that he is and easily finished Super Hexagon so YMMV.
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