Recommendations for dancing in Los Angeles
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Where can I go dancing in Los Angeles?

Looking for a place to dance in L.A. I'm picky about the crowd and the music; I'm not a fan of heavily mixed techno stuff or whatever it's called. For dancing, I like indie bands, alt rock from the 90s like The Pixies, and more current stuff like MGMT, Arcade Fire, Phoenix, Metric, etc.

I'm looking for a 20s crowd, "hipster" I guess. Thanks!
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Can't figure out links on my phone, but:

-The Echo/Echoplex
-Los Globos
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Best answer: Club Underground.

Akbar sometimes fits the bill, but you really have to choose your DJs wisely.
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Response by poster: The Cure Nite at Club Underground?! Amazing, thank you!

Edited to add: 90s Nite???!! Doesn't get any better.
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Maybe part time punks on sunday nights at the echo.

If ham and eggs (dtla) gets their shit sorted with the city, they're a fun venue for non-sceney dance nights as well.
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Bar 107 is good but it veers more toward older stuff from the '80s and before. Typically pretty fun stuff though, as the crowd tends to be very drunk and energetic.
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Have you checked the LA Weekley's music section? They always had pages and pages of ads for all those "Cure Night!" clubs.
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Club Underground! I've been wanting to check that out for a while now, but I haven't had anyone to go with.

Maybe we could do a mini-meetup?
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