Help me find a warm puffy coat for NEXT winter.
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Please help me find a warm, puffy and DISCOUNTED coat for next winter!

I have always resisted the warm, puffy coat look because, well, they're sorta ugly. But this was the winter in New York City that broke my will to look stylish in subzero wind chill. I want to be prepared for next winter, but I have no idea where to start. Where can I find a nice puffy coat that goes past my thighs and is preferably discounted (since everyone who was smart got their good coats in November, not March).

Online shopping is preferable, personal feedback on specific coats is even better. Under $150 would be ideal.
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I love Lands End, and they have a few, in limited colors and size:1, 2, 3. I wouldn't wait too long to buy; I think a lot of stores sold through most of their stock during this terrible, terrible winter.
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I also buy my warm, puffy coats from Lands End, and can normally get them for under $150.
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The exact model of long puffy Lands End down coat I broke down and bought mid-polar-vortex isn't there anymore, but I can definitely vouch for them in general as being truly warm and excellent when the weather needs hardcore coats. A+ would buy puffy marshmallow coat from again.
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I likewise loathe the puffy coat look, and just want to mention that I managed just fine in a calf-length 100% wool coat not terribly dissimilar to this one style-wise. Certainly not my favorite coat, but it is WARM.

I realize that's not the question you asked, but I just want you to know that there does exist polar vortex-capable outerwear that doesn't require you to look like a sleeping bag.

Unfortunately I have no specific recommendations to give you. I found mine 10 years ago in a department store in a smallish city in August and it was deeply on sale.
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Another vote for Land's End. You can filter by temperature rating to try to find some non-puffy coats that might work, and combine with their silk base layers to stay extra toasty.
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LL Bean, my friend.

Bonus: You can have it repaired until it is threadbare! They stand by their products for as long as you own it.
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Patagonia ones are cut pretty slim and really light weight. There's a few styles on clearance now on their website.
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I don't have specific product recommendations, but you should check out A couple years ago, I got a really great (designer!) puffy coat for around $100 from there.
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Sierra Trading Post. They usually have overstock or last season's coats available.
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My favorite puffy coat is from Brooklyn Industries and has lasted me three winters thus far.

The ones at Uniqlo are also nice and a bit lighter-weight.
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Seconding greta simone's Uniqlo recommendation. They feel less ugly when they are belted too as someone who understands exactly what you mean!
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Coming back with some specific recs.

Zappos appears to have some good sales going on. Here are some coats to check out:

Right price, nice look, maybe too short

Longer length, right price, not too puffy

Another possibility, not sure about the styling on this one

Also maybe too short, but good price

If you're willing to sacrifice a bit of style to get better quality/warmth, take a look at Patagonia and North Face. Both brands can be on the pricy side, but you may be able to find some good sales.
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I have a Lands End down coat which is on the edge of being too warm to wear in London unless it's snowing. It's been pretty mild in the UK - so might be worth seeing if the UK site ships to you?

Mine is the Modern Down Coat, and I have it in red, so it looks a bit nicer than a regular parka (though it can get grubby). You can also machine-wash them which is handy if it's muddy or, um, you accidentally sit on a bus seat on which someone has peed. I got mine in the sale in conjunction with a discount code, so it wasn't as stupidly expensive as that.
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Lands End is great, but read reviews, ESPECIALLY if you are buying on clearance. I got a cute 500 fill down coat there for $60 (60!) on clearance, but the fabric quality wasn't all that great and it leaked feathers. And then I ripped it (far too easily).

I am on my second Eddie Bauer parka in 6+ years, and I cannot even tell you how much I love EB coats. The only reason I had to replace my old one was the zipper started to break, usually at the most inopportune moments. EB is a little more expensive, but the quality is unbeatable.
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I love my long Eddie Bauer down coat but am not seeing anything comparable now on their site so they may be sold out. They do have this insulated trench coat, which has a removable lining and seems pretty versatile. Some of the reviews mention wearing it in Chicago so it might work for you.
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I'll vouch for the Eddie Bauer Insulated Trench Coat that gudrun mentions above. It's worth its weight in polar vortex snow! And in spring or fall rainy weather, it's great without the button-in lining. I've worn it about three years.
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Seconding Brooklyn Industries.
My super long sleeping back coat is from them 5 years ago and it is still in great shape, mostly because I can only wear it on the 3 coldest weeks of the year or else I sweat too much. It has a good waist.
My thigh-length puffer is from Searle and it was tres expensive but has been really worth it and is the only one I could find that actually made my shape look good.
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