TEFL in the UK.
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I am looking for an additional income source, and understand that combining a home stay with teaching English as a second language is a possibility, because it is relatively well paid and there is a fair amount of work available where I am (Oxford, UK). Has anyone done this? Are the above assumptions correct? What teaching qualifications are required? There is not a lot of info that I can find on the language teaching websites. Thanks.
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I don't know about the home stay part, but the two most recognised qualifications in TEFL are CELTA and CertTESOL. I don't believe any qualifications are actually required to teach English privately, but you'll carry more weight with a proper qualification.
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I got my CELTA from a place in London in about 2003, and I was hired at an ESL school right away by being recommended by my instructor. I have no idea what the situation is now, or in Oxford, or for at-home placement. But I do think that it is a good idea to inquire as to whether the school will help you with placement. Good luck!
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