What does it say?
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Can the hive mind take a look at the picture of this necklace and see if the back of it is calligraphy of some sort? It looks like Arabic or Persian. If so, does anyone know what it says? Here's the picture.
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The largest one down at the bottom has things that strongly remind me of (but are not exactly) a treble and a bass clef.
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The three identical inscriptions could just be a design, but the fourth, larger one at the bottom has the appearance of Arabic script. Perhaps some part of the Shahadah?

Farsi script seems (to me) to have fewer instances of lines that cross each other, for what that's worth.
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I'm really bad a reading ornate Arabic calligraphy, but I don't think those are Arabic, Farsi, or Urdu.
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I will grant that I am not super great at reading calligraphy in Persian, but all but the one in the middle just look like curlicues to me, not actual writing, and I'm not sure if the one in the middle is calligraphy or not. There are what look like they could be letters there, but they don't really form up into a word. Someone more familiar with Arabic and Persian calligraphy might know better.
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The larger one at the bottom has something that looks a bit like the Eye of Horus, but I'm not sure that is intentional.
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It's definitely not writing in any language that uses Arabic script.
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Not arabic script calligraphy, but definitely arabesque, for lack of a better word. And it has both the single dot and double dots above and below the curves, just like in arabic script. The higher of the dots in the pendant piece lowest in the photo could naturally be taken to be forming dhal with the curve below it.

One wonders if the jewelry designer was inspired by actual calligraphy.
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