High-res CCTV, viewable on an iPhone and recording on motion
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I just bought a Swann system, the DVR9-4200 with PRO-642 cameras. I've been extremely disappointed with both the image quality and the system reliability, so it's going back.

I'm wondering whether to ditch Swann altogether or try a Network DVR with 1080p cameras like the CONV8-A3MP4C.

All the sample footage I've seen is great and other users seem really happy with the quality.

But is there another way? Another system or route I've overlooked? This new system would be expensive and perhaps I'm falling for Swann's polished marketing.

What do you guys use?! My requirements are:-

-High quality "HD" video.
-Viewable on an iPhone
-Recording on motion

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I would go for IP connected network cameras feeding in to ZoneMinder. The reasons:
  • You aren't locked in to a specific vendor. When better cameras come around, you can mix and match them as necessary.
  • You aren't trusting a third party with any of your data. No using some external service to log in to your home camera.
  • No lock-ins for specific phone apps or technologies. Future-proof your viewing platform, too.
I've been using the cheapest Wansview pan-tilt camera, can't recommend it in the face of modern 1080p cameras, but in general building your system so that you can upgrade in parts, and being able to pick the best-in-breed at any given technology level, seems like the right long-term strategy.
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I was looking into security cameras for our house, with similar requirements. The best resource I found was The Network Camera Critic. I came to the conclusion that a few, high res IP cameras were probably better than one of the packages from Costco or the like. I haven't bought anything yet, but would be interested to know what decision you make.
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