What is the smallest size drip filter coffee machine I can buy in AU?
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I want a drip coffee machine that takes up the smallest amount of space possible on my bench. It only needs to make a single cup of coffee. Ideally it should be programmable, but I'll settle for plugging it into a timer outlet if necessary. Because I want it to have coffee ready at a certain time every day, it needs to be a drip machine, not a french press or aeropress or whatever, although I know they would be smaller. I don't like coffee pods. What can I get and where can I buy it (in Australia)?
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I bought a 4-cup drip brewer from Starbucks Hawthorn store about 5 years ago.
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I have had a Hamilton Beach single cup drip brewer for 20 years.

Perhaps you can google the brand and the model number to come up with a provider locally. But I LOVE this little coffee maker. And for the $10 I paid for it in 1994, I'd say it was well worth the price.
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Yes, these things seem to be very popular in the USA. I have tried googling specific models that I found in general searches (and have tried yours just now, Ruthless Bunny) and the only Australian hits I get are ebay sellers willing to post from the USA (which doesn't help as they'd need a transformer to run on Australian AC).

Maybe Australians just don't drink small amounts of coffee?

Unfortunately there are no Starbucks in Canberra and I couldn't find references to drip brewers on their national website, but in any case, four cups is still larger than I would prefer. (Although I'd settle for it if I can't find smaller).
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