Books/Articles on Handling Software Use Cases.
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I work in software, and I'm looking for awesome books/articles/tools to help me collect, analyze, scope out, and pitch use cases back to a Development team.

I work for an awesome mid-size software company. In 2015, I'm migrating into a position where my primary job will be to collect use cases (from customers, resellers, integrators, sales people, etc.). The use cases will represent ways to change our software to make it better: new features, new modules, new integrations, changes to existing functionality, etc.

I'm looking for books/articles specifically targeted at collecting use cases, analyzing them, writing them up, and then pitching them back to a development team. The book/article could be as simple as "quick tips and tricks," but I'm more in the market for an entire methodology for this process. Here would be an example of a book.

And bonus points for anyone that can point me to actual tools that can be used to organize and execute this process. I'm imagine there are web-based products explicitly aimed at this space.
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I really liked Cockburn's book Writing Effective Use Cases. I found it thorough, and not suffocating.
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Book: Wieger's "Requirements Engineering". He has some good essays on larger aspects of project management in software development.

Tools: Jira, RallyDev
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