Fastest, Low to No Cost Doctor's Visit in Chicago
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I have a friend who is freelancing and without medical insurance. He's discovered a bump in his neck, maybe in his lymph node that he wants to get checked as soon as possible. He's going through the Medicaid application, but I'm wondering if there's a faster way for him to get in to see someone at low or better, no cost. He lives in Chicago. TIA for any help.
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I'm sure there are various ways in which your friend could get in at a free or sliding-scale clinic, but really, an initial office visit with a primary care doc to get this evaluated won't cost more than a couple hundred bucks even at full price, including the blood tests that will likely be ordered. That seems like a pretty small cost for peace of mind.
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Full disclosure: I am an Illinois in-person counselor; my job is to help enroll people who are newly eligible for Medicaid / Marketplace insurance under the ACA.

Our guidance from the Illinois DHS is that in this situation, we should advise people to seek non-emergency but time-sensitive care through federally qualified health centers. Your friend can find an FQHC near him here.

He should let them know that he's in the process of applying for Medicaid but hasn't been approved yet. He should try to have a bill sent to him (rather than paying on the spot) -- that way, Medicaid may be able to reimburse the provider once his application is approved. (They are not generally going to be able to reimburse him directly, though, if he pays up front.)

Alternatively, if he already has a relationship with a medical provider, he may want to reach out to them to see if they accept Medicaid, or would be able to do so given that he is already a patient of theirs.

MeMail me if you'd like me to reach out to him directly with further details.
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Cant help with the DR recommendation, but I just thought I'd point out that its very possible it is a Sebaceous cyst, which is rarely a problem and non-cancerous.
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The fantus clinic at stroger hospital sees walk ins every week day and sometimes saturday. It costs nothing up front.
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