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My iPhone keeps buzzing with a calendar alert that does not have a reminder set. Help me turn it off!

My main Google calender is linked to my iPhone 3GS and sends alerts as indicated by the calendar. There is a secondary Google calendar for a blog that I run linked to the main Google calendar. This second calendar has all alerts turned OFF, but for some reason they still pop up and buzz on my phone. I get alerted at 11:50 pm on the day before the event and the day of the event. So, four times a week I am being alerted to an event that specifically doesn't have a reminder set for it.

I want the main calendar to send alerts to my phone.
I want the secondary calendar to show up in the calendar online and on my phone, but to not send me alerts anywhere.
I need my phone to remain on and close enough at night to wake me if someone needs to reach me, and for the alarm. I have it on silent, and the buzzing wakes me.

I have looked on my iphone settings but the only option seems to be to turn off calendar alerts altogether. I am absolutely certain that the secondary calendar has all alerts turned off. What am I missing here?
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Can you delete that specific event? (and perhaps recreate it to see if that solves the problem?)
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It's not a recurring event - each event is individually entered, and it happens for all of them.
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If you want to be woken up for calls only from certain people but not otherwise, you could choose those people as favorites and then use the Do Not Disturb function in Settings under the notification and control center. You could still get your alarm to ring with this, too, just use "Scheduled" to have the "Do Not Disturb" shut off right before your alarm. Would that help you? I mean, I don't think you really want notifications from your main calendar in the middle of the night, either.
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Thanks, onlyconnect, this looks like a probable workaround for the waking up problem. I don't have any main calendar alerts that appear in the middle of the night, only the ones from the secondary calendar.

Still, I'd like to get rid of the alerts from a calendar that's not supposed to be sending alerts. Every time I see one I get irritated, knowing that I've tried to get rid of them and am being outsmarted by something that fits in my pocket.
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