Spring and Autumn: 2 weeks each. xkcd?
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I am convinced - or I've convinced myself - that there was an xkcd diagram that showed winter as unbearably cold and long, summer as unbearably hot and long, and a very short burst of spring and autumn where temperatures were just right. Does this actually exist, or is it some other cartoon, or have I imagined something as real?
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This Oatmeal is definitely not what you're looking for, but is relevant.
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There's this photo that is perennially popular on Reddit. Each vertical slice is one day, amounting to a whole year from one end of the photo to the other. The spring and autumn bands really are significantly shorter than the long stretches of summer and winter.
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The descriptions of New York City are like this in Gila Monsters Meet You At The Airport.
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This is not a cartoon, but John Oliver said something along those lines, when asked what the worst thing about living in New York was:
That there is no livable season. You’ve got a livable month: two weeks between spring and summer, two weeks between fall and winter. The rest of the time it is a temperature hellscape.
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Was it this by any chance?
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