Songs to sustain my euphoric panic
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Just lost my job yesterday. On the one hand I'm shitting because, now what? But on the other hand WHEE!! I don't have to deal with that anymore. I found that turning the volume way up for Reckoner, recommended by queseyo earlier, is working well to push down the bubbles of panic. I'll have to deal at some point, but what else can I listen to to carry this, I dont give a fuck right now, vibe?
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1, 2. Best of luck to you, I've been there more than once myself.
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Goofy's Concern by The Butthole Surfers
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Well, Johnny Paycheck had some thoughts on this.
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I quit my job yesterday. I listened to a lot of AC/DC.
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Röyksopp: Happy Up Here
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I Don't Give a Fuck
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(In case you can't open the spotify link, it's by Boss, and it seems to have exactly what you're looking for.)
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Worker's Song by Dropkick Murphys will have you hoisting a pint, kicking ass, and searching for anthrax.

Now don't forget to sign up for Affordable Health Care, please.
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The Pixies version of Head On and Where is My Mind; The Mountain Goat's This Year and Lovecraft in Brooklyn.

And queue up a version of John Hartford's In Tall Buildings for when you come down off the high and need something a little more soothing.
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My current "don't give a fuck" music is Kvelertak, a big loud "black 'n roll" band from Sweden. I don't get the lyrics, but who cares? The music is awesome.
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Years ago I was fired from a job that I had just quit (yeah), and on my way home Better Places Than This came on the radio and it was kind of perfect. Your tolerance for mid-2000s Country may vary.
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I Quit My Job — Old Man Luedecke.

(oh, and keep the heid, eh? It's an awesome/sucks feeling. Been through it recently myself.)
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My fav song for unemployment: Franz Ferdinand - Jacqueline.
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Big Star's cover of Til The End Of The Day (original by The Kinks).
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Frankly Mr. Shankly - The Smiths
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