Price of Strattera with drug discount cards?
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Anonymous because I don't like to talk about my flair drugs. I've just started taking Strattera and holy jeez is it expensive. And not covered by my insurance. I can afford the US$250/mo if I need to, but I'd rather put that money toward paying off debt and other useful stuff. Has anyone used any of those drug discount cards to purchase Strattera, and if so, what's the savings? Have you managed to save money in any other way (without buying from a non-VIPPS online pharmacy, or committing insurance fraud?) I'm located in Cuyahoga County, OH, and typically use CVS, if that's helpful. And I do not qualify for NeedyMeds type programs.
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Here is a link to a coupon for a free month.

I did not actually look too far into this, but I know that in Canada there is a generic version of Strattera that is much, much cheaper. Do you have any Canadian pharmacies around you? Or maybe you can legitimately use a Canadian online pharmacy? You might need a new prescription saying the generic version is okay to get this filled.
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Call the Rx company and ask them how to afford it. It can honestly be that easy because they want you to take their drug.

I was prescribed a medication that was $2500/mo, which is insane. After looking everywhere for assistance, I was at a dead end. So I called the company and got passed around a bit. Eventually I found the right place; they even filled out the forms for me. Recently one of my generic meds shot up to $100/mo, so I called my insurance company and they got me a "tier exemption" - now it's $20/mo. I helped a friend get $500/mo medication paid for completely.

For some reason, we don't call the most obvious places. I went really far down the rabbit hole before I got there. I put up with the recent med cost for months before I did anything about it - absolutely kicking myself for it.
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Are you going to a psychiatrist or a GP? When I was on it, I didn't have prescription coverage, and my psychiatrist stocked me fully on samples. Sadly Strattera and I don't get along, because free was nice.

Speaking of which, MeMail me.
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Make sure you're calling around to different pharmacies and price-shopping your medication. Back before I had insurance I would sometimes find that drug prices could vary up to an order of magnitude from the least expensive pharmacy to the most expensive pharmacy. Costco almost always had the best deal and IIRC you don't have to be a member to use the pharmacy.
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if you're comfortable with a generic, go to and get it from them. i use them all the time and have never had a problem.

if you are not comfortable with a generic, call target, walgreens, rite aid, costco, bjs, sams club, and any local mom n pop pharmacies near you and get their prices for the drug. every place will likely have a slightly different price.

finally, contact lilly and see if they have a "free drug for poor people" program. it doesn't hurt to fill out the paperwork.
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