Alternative(s) to the Tony Horton Kitchen
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What mail order meals have you tried?

I currently subscribe to the Tony Horton Kitchen. I am looking for an alternative choice, one that has comparable food quality (organic; low sodium; no sugar; heart healthy; diabetic friendly) and that is also less expensive. I am a very active hiker/rappeller/cycler/gym goer so I usually worry less about calories and more about quality. I am also a diabetic, so it is important that I find healthy options.

I have only tried the Tony Horton Kitchen mail order meals and find them to be top notch in the health department but otherwise bland and pricey. I currently have the 'Flexitarian' plan, which equates to $12 a meal. Often, breakfast consists of a bowl of oatmeal; I find myself staring at this bowl of oatmeal in frustration because it cost me $12. I understand that this cost is not just for the oatmeal but also for the packaging, shipping, and other costs such as having salmon or other fish included in some meals, but it still bothers me and I would like to consider the alternatives.

Thank You.
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Have you looked into Plated? My sister-in-law swears by them. The downside is it is just dinner and you have to prepare it yourself, but they try to make it simple. You also don't have to commit to every day -- you can choose your delivery days and your dinner choices.
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Not positively helpful but as as negative reference point I got a few meals from Beetnik including the prepared paleo style (which would be low carb for you) meals listed in the link along with frozen eggs for breakfast and some frozen fruit and some frozen veg. The food is not bland and in fact has that odd almost too spicy flavor that low-fat food has though not sure this is low fat. I actually can't stand the meals but they are serviceable though small for an active average sized or larger man. The frozen eggs were so bad I threw them out. I'd much rather make my own even once a week and keep in the fridge as leftovers. The frozen fruit and veg were the same or lower quality than others I buy. Good luck.
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Response by poster: I think Plated looks like a fun idea, too, because I like to cook.

Thanks RoadScholar, that helps narrow down options.
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Along the same lines as Plated, there's Hello Fresh.
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Response by poster: Thank you, bluefly, but I live outside their delivery area apparently. It too looks interesting.

As a follow up to Plated: when I signed up for more information via their newsletter, I got an email offering "4 free plates and 3 months of free membership ($78 value) for just $20 s&h." to entice me into joining. Thought I'd share : )
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