Let me listen to vikings
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Does anyone know of any good podcasts or audio books covering viking history, Norse mythology or both? I'd very much like to learn about Vikings through my ears. Bonus points for series rather than one offs.
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Best answer: If you can find a copy at your library (it's not cheap), the Teaching Company has a good set of video and audio lectures: The Vikings. The least-expensive purchase option is an audio download, which is $50, but you can often find the dvds at public and college libraries.
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Adding to bibliowench's answer above: the Teaching Company puts every course on sale for a steep discount at least once during the year. Best way to find sales, in my experience, is to just get on their mailing list.
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Best answer: I find for topics like that, In Our Time from the BBC is a great resource. Looking at their archive page, it seems there are at least three episodes that would suit your fancy.
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Was also going to recommend In Our Time.
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Apologies for the one-off, but I like Stuff You Should Know for a general overview on a topic I am not familiar with. However, these two guys have often surprised me with some new tidbits or theory about a topic I am extensively familiar with. I was a viking n00b, so perhaps it is old hat that vikings were (maybe) tripping balls in battle. I found the whole thing pretty interesting and not what I expected going in.
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You might also ask this question to the Viking Answer Lady. She has a contact email on her webpage.
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Response by poster: I should have mentioned that I've listened to the In Our Time episodes (This week, Spartacus for anyone interested!)

That Teaching Company series looks good. I was hoping that Mike Duncan had given the Vikings the Rome treatment.

Thanks all.
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A lot of The Teaching Company's lectures are available through Audible for one credit including the Vikings. It's showing that it's available to purchase for $42.00 (that might be in AUD) if you don't have a membership. You don't get the course book but they're still great to listen to.
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