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Where in the London metro area -- Tube-accessible -- would be the best place to go for a ~10 mile run on a weekend morning without having to battle too much pedestrian and vehicle traffic? Closer to central London would be better, but I am flexible. Any advice received will be employed in April and considered in booking hotel accomodations.
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Hard to beat Hyde Park. You can incorporate Green Park for a longer run. Have a browse around the Good Run Guide.
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I used to do the Thames Path. You don't have to run in circles, there's a variety of scenery, and for a lot of the way you can run along a river, which is nice. On the downside, it's all pavement, and there can be moderate numbers of pedestrians depending on time of day.
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I run through Parliament Hill which is adjacent to Hampstead Heath. That would put you close to hotel options around Camden Town.
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Hard to beat Hyde Park. You can incorporate Green Park for a longer run.

And St James's.
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All the large parks are good places to run in April, none will be too crowded on a weekend morning. Hyde Park is the biggest central one, but Hampstead Heath is I think prettier, a run in Regent's Park can include the beautiful Grand Union Canal towpaths, or you can get a completely different feel for the city by running on the banks of the Thames east of Tower Bridge and through Mile End & Victoria Parks, or travelling a bit to the enormous Richmond Park.

I don't know any area of London where the back streets will be too crowded for a run, either, except Soho, and even then, early in the morning it should be fine. Workers jog at lunchtime pretty much anywhere. The City (as in, the business district) will be desert on weekends mornings, too, if you fancy streets over parks.

So, in short, pick your location based on other factors, running in London is very easy.
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Hammersmith To Hammersmith Crossing at Kew Bridge is 9 MIles and along the river both ways. Very nice on the south bank, a bit less nice on the north, but mostly not bad.

Kew Brisge Station TO Kew Bridge Station again is 9.4 ish I think, Taking the Thamespath south bank to Teddington lock and back along the northbank.
Final (or first stretch on the north is less pretty, but is by no means awful.
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Can I also add Richmond Station, Around Richmond PArk and Back to Richmond Station is 10 and a little bit miles and is very nice.

Richmond is on the District line.
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I used to run along the Thames, West of Putney (Fulham, Hammersmith, Barnes, Mortlake, Chiswick, Kew) and it's definitely good - especially if you're near South/West London already. Quiet and peaceful, very green in parts.
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A colleague of mine is in a running club that regularly run in Hyde Park.

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The Isle of Dogs will be very quiet at weekends and you can run in a great big loop around the island. If you do it twice, it'll be 10 miles. There are a number of hotels in the area, including a Hilton or, if you're feeling really flush, a Four Seasons. And there's good transport links on the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf or the Docklands Light Railway if you're staying in town.

Sunday, April 13th is the London Marathon, when many streets around the whole of the city will be closed off.
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If you want to stay central, Hyde Park and the other parks mentioned above.

If you want to feel like you've got out of the city and are willing to go further out but still to places accessible on the tube and train networks, Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park or Epping Forest.

Epping Forest is the biggest open space that could still be considered London. There are some marked running trails or you can go cross-country.
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When I travel, I try to hook up with a local running club. It's really nice to have a local be in charge of the route, where the next WC is and when we'll find a water fountain.

If you're planning to run on a Saturday or Sunday then I totally recommend finding a local club.
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