These projects aren't going to manage themselves
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What would you recommend for project management and research-sharing among 15 people? We want to replace Redbooth fka Teambox with something that works and suits our needs better (specifics within). Thanks in advance.

Looking for a project management/research-sharing tool for a company of approx 15 designers, programmers, researchers and administrators that work on large-scale data visualization, sonification and performance projects for a wide range of clients. Must have mobile app versions, offline work capabilities, easy sharing of documents, links, images/other research materials, and easy/clear task assignment and daily to-do list viewing.

Search function needs to be really good. We have been using Redbooth fka Teambox and have had problems with search function and breakdown of projects into arbitrary categories. We use Slack for team messaging so do not need a conversation function. Integration with Evernote. Google Docs, Dropbox, GitHub would be ideal. 2-way sync with Google calendar would be amazing. Any suggestions?
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Somebody'll probably come by and say Basecamp, and it isn't too bad.
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Came by to suggest Basecamp as well. Not sure it hits everything on your list, but it's the closest thing I know of. They definitely just added integration with Google Docs, and I think everything in your must-have list would qualify, though I'm not 100% certain on offline work.
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We use the Atlasssian suite of products at our shop, which is about twice the size of yours. (Confluence, Jira, etc). Clearly, it costs money, but we have found it to be worth it. There are add-ons to cover all of your requirements, though some of them cost more money.
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I detest Basecamp. I use Teamwork instead. I have no idea what an offline work capability is but it ticks all your other boxes as far as I know.
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Check out Podio. Takes some time to settle in, but then may be perfect.
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Smartsheet is pretty great.
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