What's the best way to cover my built in webcam?
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In light of revelations that some folks can look at me over the internet through my webcam without me knowing, I would like to have a solution to this problem. I was thinking that taping over the webcam would work well, but it might also look tacky, and might also add a residue to my computer that I would not like. Is there a kind of tape that would look good on a unibody macbook pro? How would I make that tape look good? What sort of tape would be suggested for its no residue, opaque characteristics? Is there a better solution than tape, like a well-thought out kickstarter project or something of that nature? Please help me with my paranoid bougie computer problem.
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if you're confident that you're never going to use the webcam feature, I'd just brush the lens with a couple layers of black nail polish.

FWIW, if I were worried about the webcam, I'd be more worried about the microphone recording my conversations.
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I am extremely confident that I will use the webcam feature in the future.
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I know a lot of people with little bits of duct or gaff tape over their webcam.

Get a cool color or design. Duct tape in fun designs is kind of a thing right now. Any craft store -- and lots of hardware stores -- will have this.

You could also try Japanese washi tape, which is basically masking tape with cool designs printed on it. I use washi tape to cover, for example, the Surgeon General's Warning that uglies up the pretty cigar box on my dresser. It's not perfectly opaque, though.

Re residue, goo gone will take that right off.
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The adhesive on Post-It notes is pretty friendly - just cut a little rectangle out of the sticky side of one.
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Can't vouch for any of these personally, but here's a little doodad for just that purpose. Here's another and here's an indiegogo campaign.
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I was thinking post-it. They make small one, or you could just cut the adhesive off a bigger one into a square or circle to fit right over the lens.

Problem solved:))
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I cover mine with a Spongebob Squarepants Band-Aid. There's many other characters to choose from.
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One more! (sorry, I have a bunch of work I need to get done today so obviously I'm suddenly feeling really enthusiastic about googling for webcam covers.)
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EFF makes them. Link to article on how to avoid reside: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2013/04/how-protect-against-laptop-webcam-hacking
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Thwart hostile adversaries and frustrate peepers with EFF's Laptop Camera Covers! Say goodbye to that unsightly sticky note/masking tape/nectarine sticker guarding your machine.

Only $5, with a "unique ultra-removeable adhesive backing to ensure that they won't leave gummy residue on your lens."

And you'll be supporting a very good cause to boot!
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Gaffer tape is what you are looking for.
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You could use software to disable the webcam entirely until you decide to turn it back on. Free of charge here, and no unsightly cover.
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Huh. I just use a tiny Hello Kitty band aid (and usually remember to remove it when I go to client meetings). So I vote band aids.
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A little piece of black electrical tape would work well.
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I disabled the camera program and turn it on whenever I need it. Additionally, I put a fruit sticker on the cam. Mine says "Ugli".
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I use the sticky note method.
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I folded a piece of card stock into a U and hang it over that spot. No residue ever. Of course, I have to put it on when I want that privacy.
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I use a small piece of white surgical tape. I also uninstalled the driver for it, so as far as Windows is concerned there isn't any such device on this computer.
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I learned this lesson the hard way and religiously use a post it note over all webcams. Easy and flexible.
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I use Washi tape... a million colors and patterns, not particularly sticky. I take it off and on all the time since I Skype pretty regularly (still sticky enough, no residue).
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Another product option: C-Slide
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Post-Its, yes, but if you're going to use tape it's probably painter's tape that you want. It's designed to leave minimal residual adhesive. It's usually various shades of blue.
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Laptop repair technician who has cleaned dirty-soaked adhesive off of a LOT(like, probably more than 50 or 60) of webcam lenses.

PLEASE use gaff tape. It's much easier than using 90% rubbing alcohol and a wash cloth to carefully try and grind off all the glue without the dirt in it scratching up the lens which is yes, even on a macbook, made out of the crappiest softest plastic that is used for hotwheels windshields as far as i can tell.
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Are there new revelations that make this applicable to late model Macbook Pros? The most recent exploit I have heard of is only capable of disabling the hardwired LED on pre 2009 Macbooks.
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I wouldn't use tape of any kind, I'd use cling film. And you could cut it into nice shapes.
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FAMOUS MONSTER: "You could use software to disable the webcam entirely until you decide to turn it back on. Free of charge here, and no unsightly cover."

In general, if you can use software to disable your camera, hackers can use software to enable it again. So I wouldn't regard this as a solution for the paranoid.
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