Nerdy Acoustic Love Songs
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I'm a huge fan of Four Color Love Story by The Metasciences. Are there more songs like this? The songs don't need to be about comic books, or even acoustic, really. I'd just love to find more obscure little love songs that are a little unusual. Recommendations for both specific songs and places to find songs like this would be appreciated.
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Book of Love - Magnetic Fields
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You might enjoy "Science Genius Girl" by Freezepop.
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I think that Shopping Cart of Love might be relevant to your interests.
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I was thinking Magnetic Fields too, but unreasonable beat me to it. Not all acoustic, but nerdy and unusual, oh yes (and lyrically genius, IMHO).

I only listened to half the song you posted--sorry--but it reminded me a bit of Belle and Sebastian.

I'm fond of Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers for stuff of this ilk.
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You might like stuff by Marian Call - Vanilla (I'm Not Sexy) (yes...she is playing a typewriter)
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For the record, that Magnetic Fields song comes from a three-volume masterpiece called 99 Love Songs full of exactly what you need.

I would add The Mountain Goats, International Small Arms Traffic Blues:
Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania
Trucks loaded down with weapons
Crossing over every night
Moon yellow and bright
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Kirby Krackle is a need rock band with a couple of acoustic love songs. check out "Dusty cartridges and long boxes", or "Naked Wii"
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Jonathan Coulton:
Skullcrusher Mountain
Soft Rocked By Me
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Also not acoustic, and quite a bit bouncier and more up-beat, but look at Kristina Horner and All Caps:
Mrs. Nerimon
Summer of '09
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Well, this is literally called Nerdy Love Song and it is very cute.
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Nthing The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs.

Also, The Two-Man Gentlemen Band has a bunch. My Love Is Like The Square Root Of 2, Prime Numbers and My Baby's Off The Market all spring to mind, but they have lots more. (Two of those Youtube videos are live performances-- the sound quality is much better on their albums.)
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You might check out the soundtrack for the movie Juno. They might be more dorky than nerdy though, if that makes sense.

Also try Weezer: Falling For You, (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

And Belle and Sebastian: Another Sunny Day
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More JoCo
The Future Soon
You Ruined Everything
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Leetstreet boys on youtube has several love songs, notably Yuri the one for me
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Good, other people have already covered "Nerdy Love Song" and Marian Call.

Places to Rest, by Riki Lindhome is a love song for Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Right, but it's quirky and touching.

Also, maybe Lasers and Feelings, by the Doubleclicks.

If songs directed toward geeky fictional characters or celebrities count, you can add Agent Coulson, by the Doubleclicks; An Open Letter to Stephen Fry, by Molly Lewis; and the Hugo-nominated Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury, by Rachel Bloom.

(That last one is obviously NSFW. Also, not kidding about the Hugo nomination.)
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Seconding the Doubleclicks - especially Oh Mr. Darcy, Lasers and Feelings, and This Fantasy World - a whole lot of their stuff scratches this itch and is relentlessly catchy.
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For the record, that Magnetic Fields song comes from a three-volume masterpiece called 99 Love Songs full of exactly what you need.

69, but exactly!
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Best answer: These aren't all acoustic, but they fit the theme.
* "Library Girl" by Reina Del Cid
* "Mario Kart Love Song" by Sam Hart
* "Folder" by Plastic Operator
* "30 Lives" by The Motion Sick
* "A Laptop Like You" by Jonathan Coulton
* "2 Atoms in a Molecule" by Noah And The Whale
* "Up, Up, Down, Down" by Kirby Krackle
* "The Girl at the Video Game Store" by Parry Gripp
* "I Heart You Online" by Rocky and Balls
* "Trainers In Love" by ALL CAPS
* "Don't Unplug Me" by ALL CAPS
* "Less than Three" (real title is the heart symbol, but I couldn't get it to render) by Songs To Wear Pants To
* "Who Knew" by You Won't
* "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" by Buddy Holly, and covered by Cee Lo Green, is aimed at someone who's at least somewhat uncool
* "Studio Hair Gel" by Barcelona
* "Bugs" and "Replicant" by Barcelona (unfortunately not available on YouTube)

Someone gave me a Barcelona song on a MeFiSwap mix CD, and I am shamelessly in love with them. You might like them too; they sing pop songs about shell accounts and robots and falling in love with your replicant.
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One more Jonathan Coulton, because it is one of my favorite love songs ever: I Crush Everything (although it's more of an unrequited love song I guess...)
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"Tokyo Love Story" by the Arrogant Worms.
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You might try googling "nerdcore" if you are looking for more hip-hop/nerdy type's definitely a growing genre.

Sort of a quirky love song... She Don't LIke Firefly by Mikey Mason
a great quirky love song that might fit your order... Hero in the Air by Danica
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Could I interest you in a little Grandaddy? I know I'm going a bit wide of the love song mark on many of these, but they have a nice nerdy flavor.

I'm on Standby
The Group Who Couldn't Say

Sophtware Slump
Jed the Humanoid
Broken Household Appliance National Forest
Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) (follow-up to Jed the Humanoid)
Miner at the Dial-a-View

Yours Truly, the Commuter (Jason Lytle solo album)
Ghost of My Old Dog
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You guysssss, She's An Angel by They Might Be Giants.
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More Coulton: Code Monkey (acoustic), "a [love] song about how it feels to write software for a living."
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Is ancient mythology a sufficiently nerdy subject? If so, check out Poseidon Myself.
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Strawberry by Paul Baribeau immediately came to mind.
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