Excel formula that hides results
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I am drowning in Google results! Looking for help making a formula that will only show a value once data is entered into another cell.

I have one cell which can have a date added to it, and an adjacent cell which needs to show the following month.

I have tried this but it isn't working:


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That works for me. If I make a new worksheet and put in:

A1: 1/1/2014
B1: =IF(A1="","",(A1+30))

and set B1 to have a date format, B1 will display 1/31/2014 (which is not a month later, but that's another problem altogether). If I delete A1, B1 disappears.

What happens for you?
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Define: "isn't working". What do you get?

"A1+30" isn't adding a month. You need to fiddle with the dates a bit, but without knowing what you want and what you're getting, there's no answer to this.
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Best answer: By the way, to add a month, you can use the EDATE function, as in =IF(A1="","",EDATE(A1,1)).
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Response by poster: Typo on the cell reference of my original formula!! This is what happens when you stare at a spreadsheet all morning. The EDATE is new to me so thanks grouse.
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This seems to work for me: =IF(A1="","",A1+30)
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OMG- EDATE function, where have you been all my life!

Once again, Meta Filler prepares me for the work day
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For reference, though, =ISBLANK(A1) is the way to test whether a cell is really blank. Under certain circumstances, A1="" and ISBLANK(A1) can return different results.
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Interesting. Can you name one of those circumstances?
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Type just a single quote ' in A1. This makes it an empty string and =(A1="") will return TRUE while =ISBLANK(A1) will return FALSE.
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ellieBOA's formula cell will also return different results for =(A1="") and =ISBLANK(A1). If her formula evaluates to True, the cell will equal "" but won't be considered blank (because it has a formula in it).
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