Artistic, or creative approaches to guided imagery
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hello I'm looking for examples of artistic, or creative approaches to guided imagery, or just some very good examples of guided imagery with high production values (i.e. the music isn't generic, its well read and well recorded etc) is anyone aware of anything that might fit these descriptions?
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Belleruth Naparkstek at
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Naparstek. (Autocorrect again :-( )
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Check out TheHonestGuys on youtube. I've only listened to their Middle Earth series so far, but the sound effects are life-like and the stories are detailed. The narrator has a soothing British accent. Reminds me of a nature documentary narrator.
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Response by poster: thanks for those, thats very interesting,

here is one example that is a bit closer to what I'm thinking about which is neil hamburgers

'final relaxation'
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